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Transformational Image Consulting

What is Transformational Image Consulting?

It is a knowledge pack that for those who want to make a difference in the life of people around them and eventually extend their expertise to many more people out there. Transformational Image Consulting gives you all the technical knowledge of image consulting from Colors Dimensions, Psychology of Colors, Colors Personality, Body Dimensions and Variations, Image Styling, Personality Style, Wardrobe Management, Inventing a High ROI (Return on Investment) Wardrobe, Minimalist Capsule Dressing, fabric and textile for Dressing for Well being etc.

Our Image Consulting program is unique because it is ‘Transformational’. We include the science of the human mind in relations to the usage of the tools and knowledge of image consulting, coaching, guiding and empowering individuals with the use of the tools and embracing the knowledge to support them to discover their innate talent and uniqueness and present it in their outer presence (appearance). Imagine when people see you and they can identify with you Uniqueness and Talent. Won’t it be amazing? You can just be the “Best Version” of yourself all the time. Of course, being the best version of yourself will bring you joy, fulfillment and success in life. Why want to copy someone else when you can be the Best of YOU.

What is the duration of TIC?

80 learning hours and 3 months business coaching and mentoring.

For those of you who aim to make ‘Transformational Image Consulting’ a career or business. We are here to support you. Together with my partner Ms. Aida, the performance and success coach, we have a combine 5 decades of corporate and business experiences. Our aim is to support you to build a sustainable business.

For those of you who join ‘Transformational Image Consulting’ and aim to make it a hobby, there are tons of way to practice it to enjoy the fruits of your labor and achieve personal fulfilment and personal growth.

Keen to recognize as an International Certified Image Consultant?

This is my forte. I was the Vice President of Certification for AICI International from 2017 to 2021 and was a CIC certification portfolio reviewer from 2013 to 2017 so needless to say I am 100% supportive if you are keen to embark on your international certification journey beside obtained our ‘Transformational Image Consulting” Certification.

Ready to start and learn “Transformational Image Consulting?

Contact me for a schedule zoom appointment to explore this wonderous possibility of self expression, success and great work in supporting the sustainability of community and human race.

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