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The Tan is the NEW beautiful!

How many of you can relate to my childhood story…..

When I was little, I have the tannest skin among all my siblings. I was known as the “Coffee” in the family. Having fair skin was considered beautiful so I grow up wanting to look fair. I am always in white clothing. I avoid eating any food item that appears dark lol 😊 No science-related but being a 10 years old girl with my limited knowledge in science remembering my mom shared that I have tan skin is because she loves to consume black coffee therefore for me to avoid consumption of food that is dark in colour like dark chocolates etc will help to ensure I do not become tanner lol 😊 another self-made belief lol. Is just hilarious thinking of all these now 😊.

Now being a Branding Coach and People Management Strategist, as I work with my clients in their personal branding, corporate branding, culture, and people management strategy, I truly understand how self-made belief can be either advantages or damages to a person.

As I said … Tan is the NEW beautiful.

Starting from today, create thoughts/phrases that build you like:

*I am intelligent and creative.

*I understand and trust ME.

*I love my body, mind, and honour myself.

*I am good enough.

*I constantly grow to be a better person.

*I attract an abundance of opportunities to enjoy my advancing life.

*I am surrounded by empowered and happy people.

*I am supported by the universe in all aspects of my life.

This is a part of the branding process that I have facilitated with many of my clients. The feedback is amazing. Branding is beyond your image. It is about you acknowledging the TOTALITY of YOU. You are who you are as it is and is good enough. In fact, is awesome! We are not saying this in vain but we truly work on ourselves to progress to the next level. I have seen so many of my clients that work hard joyous to improve their image and inner being.

By the way, TAN is the NEW beautiful! Research has shown tan skin people are perceived as healthy, youthful, agile, cheerful, approachable, and friendly. In image consulting studies, tan is considered to be a warm color that is more welcoming and approachable to people. 😊

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