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Image Styling is an Investment for Self-Growth

Many people view image styling as dressing up, looking good and feeling good. Let me break this myth and offer you another perspective of image styling.

Image Styling is for both men and women. We have to remove the concept is about wearing the right colors, buying quality attire or branded merchandise to project a professional or outstanding or good-looking image because it is beyond all those.

Image Styling of a person influence both his or her body image and self-image. Body image refer to your perception of your physical self and your thoughts and feelings that result from that perception. You can feel positive or negative or both depending on yourself at that moment and it also can be influence by external factors. Self-image refers to your personal view or mental image about yourself. It describes the characteristic of self e.g. I am beautiful, intelligent and smart.

Image Styling of a person, base on my past 3 decades of interacting with clients during image consulting session, I gather “Image Styling” when done in the most effective give rinse to the following outcome or benefits :

1. An individual way of expression in dressing up to showcase positive traits of appearance e.g. looking professional, looking suave and attractive, looking beautiful and confident

2. To showcase your dressing or styling choice in your attire that give an impression to others you are of certain personality traits e.g. fun, creative, elegant, classy or detail oriented.

Psychology of image is a research paper that me and Ms. Aida, the performance and success coach wrote for the University of Palermo. It is a free publication. In the paper we talk about how you look is a way of communicating to others about yourself.

Image styling when done correctly on an individual, it will create an edge for the person that differentiate the person from the crowd. Image styling can be learned by any individual for their own benefit e.g. looking confident, credible and stylish at the same time. Image styling can also be by individual who want to pursue it as a profession to become an Image Stylist.

For those whom pursue image styling as a profession. It is a very rewarding career as you play the role of being the catalyst to inspire others to take charge of their personal image and understand how their personal image can be use as a tool to communicate favorably about themselves to the people around them.

For more enquiries on learning about your image styling or interested to become a professional image stylist, please email us for a Brand Assessment at

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