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The Team

Who We Are

Eva Khoo

Image Stylist

Working with Ms. Ana as a team is fun, dynamic and escalating. Not only did I grow as an Image Stylist, by observing how Ms. Ana communicates with sincerity, understanding what clients want and helping to set goals alongside clients, the details and industrial knowledge that we have, are able to connect with new clients, build trust and relationships, and answer all doubts they have.

We also conduct lots of hands-on activities and analyze clients’ images using different methods to conclude the best result. We implement different case studies in our services so clients have better understanding of what they engage us with. Our forte is colour analysis, personal shopping, style analysis and our accumulative experience training people from all walks of life; and being able to explain one’s visual or image with science perspective and aligning it with client’s personality, personal and professional goals. Our after-service eases clients’ concern and burden!

Sharon Sor

Branding Strategist

I run my own business with a partner. I knew Ms. Ana as the Image and Branding Consultant to go to for my team and company. After engaging the expertise of her and her partner, I decided to embark on the Transformational Image Consulting course. Upon completing the course a few years ago, I have applied what I have learned to myself, my circle of friends and clients and of course in my business as well. I have witnessed how branding strategy supports individuals, executives, entrepreneurs and businesses to expand and attain success. These successes are not a miracle but wisely planned strategies with implementation at the right timing and the dedication of both the client and branding consultant working together in harmony. I have the privilege to work with Ms. Ana with clients on branding strategies and implementation and we both are amazed at the results achieved with our unique customized strategies for each client. The client's positive feedback and input have encouraged us to always wear our creative thinking hats together when we execute branding exercises for both individuals and corporate.

Eva Khoo
Sharon Sor

Yan Ling

Colour & Makeup

Is irony that I am not into make-up and cosmetics but I actually ended up being good at it. I understand the importance of this to female working professionals and women leaders. I personally embrace it in my everyday working life. It speaks of our first impression, self-respect and respect to others in various settings in social and business scenes.

Being in the team with Ms. Ana, I have learned to sync in her rhythm of professionalism, fun, creative and innovation in her facilitation of corporate training and personal consulting. Each client has her or its (company) own needs and we embrace it in our customized approach of make-up lesson flow. We designed the lesson flow in accordance with the industry, company and the professional’s requirement and did not forget to infuse it with individual unique preferences.

I have been teaching make-up for some time but I always feel that each make-up lesson and classes are different. We constantly upskill our technique to meet the market demand. Through the years, the make-up and cosmetic approach has grown into embracing the diversity in our society to showcase inclusion in both the corporate environment and the community.  I truly feel a sense of fulfillment with each of the clients that we have worked with. I am grateful that the work that I am passionate about is keeping me busy all year round.

Yan Ling

Ainun Aida

Mindset Coach 

I and Ms. Ana are good friends. I was the head of research of a non-profit organization when I first met Ms. Ana a decade ago. She was intrigued with our research and findings and also how scientific knowledge and application can help individuals to recover from illnesses and improve their performance; change their perspective about life. She once told me this knowledge should be make available to everyone as she personally has benefit from it and her life change.

Here we are working together as Partners in “Growth” to consult, coach and guide individuals and corporations to understand and implement the peak performance blueprint in individual and business performance. This blueprint includes understanding the success mindset and practical application of peak performance routine, techniques and formula in everyday life. Our clients personal branding, corporate branding and business growth are always amazed with the outcome they receive from our sessions. We are happy to do this amazing creative work together, our clients advocacy about services has help us to extend our expertise to many of their friends and business associates.

Ainun Aida
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